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La Pineda Playa / Diary / 2.Cambrils

Cambrils. Programme of Sant Pere 2010.

22 June 2010


Monday, June 21 At 18 pm Santa Maria Church, Day of Music. Marathon music with choirs, orchestras and groups of wind in the Municipal School of Music in Cambrils. Tuesday, June 22 At 20 h. Port Tower at the opening of the exhibition Seaside images produced by the Network of Maritime Museums on the Catalan coast. Wednesday, June 23 Midsummer arrival of Canigó Cambrils from 18 h. the plaza Mercadal de Reus, collection of fire coming from the Flame Canigou and transfer to Cambrils. Beginning at 20 h. the town hall square, the Sardana Dance with COBLA for six and Friends of the Sardana Cambrils. At 20 h. roundabout at the estate, meeting with carriers of the torch and return by way of joint Cemetery, to the square of the siege. At 20 h. at 20:30 pm the square of the siege, the animation group-Patum We suffer while waiting for the arrival of the Canigó. At 20:30 the square of the Siege, arrival of the flame, and received by the entities of Cambrils and everyone who wants to participate. Parade with entertainment to the town hall square, passing by reus street, Calle Vidal i Barraquer, Borrás street, Plaza de España, Paseo Albert, La Salle Paseo Bridge Sta. Joaquina de Vedruna and town hall square. At 21 h. Flame received by the Mayor and all persons want to maintain tradition and nexus represents. Next: Reading the Manifesto of the Flame. Lighting the bonfire with the flame Canigou coming. Performance of fire by the devil dance of Cambrils. Sardana together a great dance. Sugar produced by Coca Oven San Salvador and sweet wine offered by the Cooperative for all attending. Beginning at 22 h. Correfoc. Leaving the town hall square and the streets of the Eixample district, Dancing with Devils - The Cagarrieres Pharnaces and the whole Endenga Colla Giants. VERBENA DE SAN JUAN at 23:30 pm Passeig Vidal i Barraquer (Eixample), Verbena Popular, with the orchestra SUNFLOWER. Thursday, June 24 At 19 pm Fisherman's Park, Ride the sailboat, with children's entertainment group vatu pot. At 22:30 pm car park to Fisherman's night of Catalan rumba with PAELLA THURSDAY. Friday, June 25 At 20 h. in the auditorium of the Center Las Balsas, Round Table: The tradition of fishing light Cambrils collaboration with the Fishermen's Association of Cambrils. Within minutes of the fifth edition of the Festival of the gears. At 23 hr car park to Fisherman's night of blues and black music, with Big Yuyu & THE HOT BANDBLUES nite. An exciting proposal to black music, soul, funk and rhythm and blues with Blouse root axis as fundamental. Saturday, June 26 Beginning at 9 am orchard in Santa Maria, 4th Raid popular adventure. Combined events: mountain biking, roller race, orienteering, running, climbing and other surprises. Three levels: popular, expert and family. More information Beginning at 10 am Port, WORKSHOP adaptive rowing by Wind Estrop. Vogadors Cambrils. At 18 pm southwest to the front of the Speaker Dock Beach Riera of saddlebag, lateen sailing demonstration. At 18:30 pm beginning of the 5th. edition of the Festival of the gears. Traditional fishing in Cambrils, an educational workshop on traditional games on the beach open to all children. Collaborate Scout seafarers. At 19 pm Mollet from the stairs, next to the boat Teresa startup crash Mariner, parade with cane syrup, to the beach for Riera saddlebag. From 19:30 pm cut demonstration of a lateen sail with the collaboration of Tapestry and JB Cases Then re-creation of ancient crafts, the laying of the art on the beach, traditional navigation, the atarraya spin, spin the fact Arteta and armed Cambrils fishing and the detritus. Upon completion, the old fish auction, with the collaboration of the theater group La Teca. Traditional fishing in Cambrils. Riera Beach Alfora of the Paseo de las Palmeras. The association "rudder. Lateen Cambrils "organized for the fifth edition of the" Feast of the gears. Traditional fishing in Cambrils. This party's main objective historical recreation present and evaluate the trade of the fisherman and his family, through the techniques and work at sea or on land directly related. To carry out the counts with the collaboration of several institutions and particularly the direct implications of entities more or less connected with fishing or the beach of Cambrils. The collaboration of individuals is also very important, all provided with adequate clothing to try to relive that historic moment, the first half of the twentieth century. Saturday, June 26 At 20:30 Paseo de las Palmeras, Fideuada popular, organized by the Fishermen's Association of Cambrils. Price: 2 € At 21:30 pm Paseo de las Palmeras, concert with the red MIQUEL. Songwriter intellectual Ametlla de Mar, words and rebuscades mystical messages. Miquel del Roig, a man of youthful spirit, makes a claim of Everyday Festive concert that leaves no one indifferent. At 22:30 pm lighting of the lanterns of the boats light llumaires Cambrils. Then in the saddlebag of Riera beach, recreation of the arrival Night of traditional boats. 18 are 01 AM, Mirarmar, art market, the collective Art Total Cambrils. Beginning at 00 h. the beach Regueral, St. Peter Young Concert orchestras Version: - COVERS THE BAND - JANE - DJ Sunday, June 27 At 9:30 pm Fishermen in the Market, popular sardine. Ticket price: € 2 Beginning at 18 pm Port, San Pere'10 Dodge Popular Chalupas. At 18 pm exhibition races for children / cadets. At 18:30 pm popular racing catboats traditional 6 + helm. At 20 h. end of the races. At 23 hr car park to Fisherman's Eve, with the Orchestra MASS. As the sun sets and night opens its doors, the magic and energy are transformed into music. Midnight Orchestra makes music for all ages and all tastes. Communication with the public, talent, spontaneity, producing accurate, attentive to new successes with cane in abundance! Monday, June 28 18 hr 20 hr Market Sea, playing at Royal Flush, Llagut trips and workshops for children, by Wind Estrop. Vogadors Cambrils. At 23 hr car park to Fisherman's Eve of St. Peter, with Orchestra MUSICAL. Share the fantasy of the show and emotions of music live is to live the illusion of MUSICAL. Tuesday, June 29 DAY St. Peter at 11 h. Mn from the square. John Battle and the streets of Port of Cambrils POPULAR procession, with dancing Cagarrieres The Devils, the group headed drummers, the Giants Colla whole Endenga grallers and his group, and stick dance Cambrils . Accompany the procession Group Wind Crescendo School of Music of Cambrils. At 12 hr parish church of St. Peter, Mass. When leaving Mass, Dance of the holidays. At 17 hr Fisherman's Park, Recreation CUCANYES the traditional St. Peter, by members of the Scout seafarers. With the collaboration of ice Sirvent. At 18.30 pm Fisherman's Park, children's entertainment, entertainment by the group-Patum We suffer. At 22 h. car park to Fisherman's Habanera, the group THE FISHERMEN OF THE SCALE. Fishermen celebrate the Scale 45 years of its formation. Their repertoire consists basically of those songs that have emerged from composers of the people and have been reported outside the commercial circuits between our people. This concert bringing us want to continue with its habanera seafaring songs and the odor of the wine, smell the sea and the fun that has always characterized the group.  

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