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La Pineda Playa / Diary / 5.Tarragona

Tarragona. Caixa Forum Tarragona. Conference.

15 March 2010


Tarragona. Caixa Forum Tarragona. Conference.   7 pm   Art and greek-latin antique From February 8 to March 15, 2010 CaixaForum Tarragona C / Columbus, 2, Tarragona Coordination: Casadesús Francis, professor of Greek philosophy from the University of the Balearic Islands Conferences: An exceptional monument: the Pantheon in Rome: Thursday February 8, 19:00 pm Topics in the iconography of the epic cycle griega: Monday 15 February, 19.00 pm Iconography of Orpheus: the power of enchanting music and words: Monday March 1, 19:00 pm Art in the Athens of Pericles: Monday, March 8, 19:00 pm Asklepios or Serapis? A new interpretation of the great iconographic sculpture emporitana: Monday 15 March, 19:00 pm Free admission

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