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Restaurant Dorado

Pau Casals, 71
43481 La Pineda Playa
Telephone: (+34) 977 370 947
Dorado Restaurant, La Pineda Beach.

Dorado Restaurant is located in La Pineda center on Pau Casals walk. Few meters from the beach. El Dorado was founded in 1960 as a family business, and over the years has established itself as the leader Costa Dorada’s rice cooking, with constant innovation and professionalism of the line cuisine in the tireless pursuit of excellence. The house specialty is paella, made with the best fish and seafood - fresh and wild – from the Costa Dorada.

Furthermore, the restaurant has a majestic display in which there is an aquarium where live lobsters, lobster, clams and oysters exposed daily, displaying full transparency with the client. The line gastronomic establishment is simple and honest, based on respect for the materials. Although the Dorado restaurant is known for its paella and rice dishes, also offers a varied and comprehensive, with a hundred dishes, thanks to the work of cooks pro-active and constantly evolving. Notably meats and roasts high-quality, which, along with salads, tapas, soups and pasta dishes, cover all the flavors of mediterranean cuisine.

The best wines of the Costa Dorada Quality meat and wild fish, sometimes served with the best wines, thanks to an extensive wine cellar, with wines difficult to find, and for every taste and every budget. Dorado Restaurant has invested heavily in the selection of wines, sparkling wines and champagnes, reaching about five hundred references. The winery has major Dorado wines OJ Catalan, Spanish and worldwide.


The restaurant has two large dining rooms Dorado overlooking the beach of La Pineda and the waterfront, open spaces, perfect for enjoying the company of a good meal, either with your partner, friends, family or group. The house brand is the fish and the seafood, fresh and wild, and has the largest variety of paellas and rice, which has catapulted the Golden arrozeria as leader of the Costa Dorada. It also has an extensive menu with over 100 different dishes, which include meats and roasts, and where you can enjoy popular dishes such as lamb's back and kid rib roast suckling pig and goat. To complete the meal, the restaurant Dorado has a wide range of desserts, most of them homemade.

Take away

All dishes listed on the menu can also be tasted at home, find paellas and rice dishes for every occasion:
  • Paella Marinera
  • Lobster Paella
  • Black rice
  • "Arrosejat"
  • Paella Valenciana
  • Special Paella Dorado
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Paella Perelada
  • Lobster Paella
  • Monkfish with romesco sauce and rice
  • Rice payes
In addition, you can bring any dish from the extensive menu: starters, soups, pasta dishes, meat dishes and fish tapas. Where are highlighted: calamari, salads, grilled steak, sliced ​cuttlefish, buds romesco sauce and anchovies, beef tenderloin grilled Galician octopus, “Escaixada de bacallà”, shoulder of lamb, grilled prawns, mussels with seafood, roast suckling pig-style home...

Other services that make the restaurant unique Dorado:
  • The kitchen is open all day, continuously, and every day of the week to enjoy the restaurant at the time and day that best suits your lifestyle. The restaurant's wine cellar has about 500 references, and is considered one of the strongest collections of the Costa Dorada and Catalonia.
  • El Dorado self on the website,, an original site with everything you need to know the restaurant and its surroundings. In one of the kitchens of the restaurant is large TV screens to live intensely all kinds of events.
  • For the young and not so young, the restaurant has a fun game, mini golf, to digest food in a relaxed way.

Hours of Dorado Restaurant La Pineda:
  • High Season Open every day without interruption. From one week before Easter, the hours are from Sunday to Sunday from 10 to 23:30 at night, the kitchen closes Dorado Restaurant. A service that provides total freedom to the customer so you can enjoy the food of El Dorado at the time that suits you.
  • Low Season Open every day at noon, except Tuesdays. From October 12 until a week before Easter, the hours are 12:30 to 16:30 pm, open daily except Tuesday for weekly.

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