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Awareness campaign on incivility in garbage management in Salou

Presentation of the campaign in the municipality of Salou

Salou. Costa Dorada. 05 June 2018. The City Council of Salou wants to raise awareness among its citizens of the costs involved for the municipality of incitement when dealing with waste and trash. It does so through a campaign, which will last until the end of next month of October and that it proposes occasional actions between businesses, large producers, citizens and visitors. The campaign reveals the costs of correcting the behavior of the incívics. The campaign is carried out in three languages ​​and two environmental educators participated in it.

Collecting an androgynous spilled on the street outside the hours and the usual volume collection system has a direct cost of € 27.36. Collecting garbage from garbage, a cardboard box or a glass bottle thrown out of the container batteries costs 4.29 euros. To clean the public thoroughfare a dog feces has a cost of 8.58 euros or cleaning 1m2 of graffiti or painted on the public road has a cost of 40.41 euros.

These are some of the messages that will be disseminated through the new citizen Salou cleaning campaign that seeks to correct incitivities and dysfunctions in the use of the selective collection system. When the new selective collection and urban cleaning service in Salou has been launched a year ago, it has been decided to continue betting on citizen campaigns in order to improve the recycling rates and increase the awareness of the population. This new campaign that was conducted in three languages ​​seeks an imperative message 'Keep Salou clean' to appeal the civic spirit of the people and will extend until October. It's a campaign - as Mayor Pere Granados explained - that "it aims to improve our environment, protect the environment and cross-sectorally act in all areas of Salou; from the forests, to the coast, to the streets ... ". The mayor also reminded us that "we are on the right track in the field of recycling because we received the Wave Mediterranean Prize in the municipality that has obtained the best results in the collection and the quality of the organic fraction during 2017."

Meanwhile, Councilor for the Environment, Julia Gómez, recalled that "the City Council has always been very sensitive and respectful of the environment; while in the year 2000, 1% was recycled now, after efforts and improvements in container batteries, we are already reaching 29% and we want to continue to increase this figure in which we have to put our part as to City Hall and also as citizens with actions such as those we present today that affect both school campaigns, citizens and visitors, as well as businesses or large producers. "

The UTE cleaning company, Urbaser-Sorigué, Josep Mª Orts, has stated that the company's commitment to the environment and the improvement of quality is firm and that it has been marked as a goal of increasing a 1% the collection rate in the municipality; For this reason, an annual budget of 1% is earmarked for contracting actions, such as the campaign presented, to improve the recycling behavior and increase civility. "Recycling waste is a duty and commitment of all."

The director of the campaign, Eduardo Soler, of the company Limònium explained that it is intended not only to improve the amount of selective collection but also to increase the quality of the fraction; And for that, it will be introduced with detailed information on what to pour into each container through some stickers and specific materials that will also be placed in the bins. In addition, the behavior of the seasonal population and the floating population will also be pursued as they will generate dysfunctions and reinforce a message that unites an incívico behavior with an economic repercussion and also a negative impact on the tourist image of the municipality that must be avoided.

Thus, two fixed people will be assigned to field work, plus the team of coordination, design and communication to follow this campaign that started on Easter and will end in October.

Information points on the street will be located in strategic places; reinforcement and diagnosis visits to businesses and large waste producers in the tourist part of the municipality; effort to improve selective collection between the hotel sector; specific points of information on the way to Ronda; workshops on the beaches, as well as workshops in the schools of the municipality, and conferences for awareness among citizens, among others. The campaign will be accompanied by social networks and the website and the free citizen attention telephone 900101.613

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