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Located in Tarraco Square Arena (TAP) for 3 months

The giant model of the Titanic will be presented worldwide in Tarragona in 2016

Take 12 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 3 meters high
The giant model of the Titanic is presented in Tarragona

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. 15 November 2014. Tarraco Square Arena (TAP) in Tarragona will host a giant model of the legendary ocean liner Titanic never g in March 2016, the world premiere of the "Titanic The Reconstruction." Tarragona is the first city in the world to exhibit this exhibition is a model that reproduces the Titanic in scale 1:30, which occupy 12 meters long, 4.5 wide and 3 meters high.

The model includes over 6,000 lights and 400 characters, including crew and passengers. Also, the assembly recreate the operation of the port cargo cranes, cars and horse carriages. On the starboard side of the boat of the model is shown through openings in the hull, the interior of the boat and the distribution of units (cabins 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, dining rooms, living rooms, grand staircase, nursing etc.). On the port side of the boat is moored at the dock with the reconstruction of the scenic harbor.

In addition to the reconstruction of the ship and the port, the exhibition will feature reproductions in size, the most important of the Titanic, such as the post room, Marconi Cabin, the first-class cabins, where the winery transported the artwork, and the area where the cars were traveling, spaces where visitors can admire the original car Brush 1909, called "the car of the Titanic" (I had to navigate the boat to be introduced in Europe ) or see the painting "the Dream of the Titanic," the painter Cantabrian Enrique Grande.

Currently the model is being finalized to build the Titanic in Castellon Empúries (Girona). Once built, (in early 2015) will move to the Science Park of Granada, where they will perform the final assembly of all elements until January 2016. At the Science Park, the assembly opened public educational purposes.

After Tarragona, the Foundation has already scheduled the Titanic exhibition in Granada, Tarragona, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Mexico City, Bogota and New York.

The "Titanic The Reconstruction" is an initiative of the Titanic Foundation, and supported by the Diptuació of Tarragona and the Provincial Tourism Board.

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