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Guide to discover the Ferrari Land Park

Red Force, Ferrari Land

Salou. Costa Dorada. 27 April 2017. Ferrari Land is the third theme park of PortAventura World Parks & Resort. Opened April 7, 2017, Ferrari Land opens its doors to the public to enjoy its eleven rides, performances that are set in the world of motor and, specifically, in one of the companies leading in this sector as it is Ferrari.

This Park is the only one opened in Europe and is located in the Costa Dorada, close Salou and La Pineda in the leisure complex Port Adventure World.

Ferrari Land has more than 70,000 m2 built and set in the origin and the evolution of the Italian brand. The streets has reproductions of important monuments of this country as the Coliseum in Rome, the Theatre la Scala in Milan, the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of San Marco of Venice, the Doge's Palace in this city and the reproduction of the Enzo Ferrari House, the residence of the founder of the firm.

Apart the successful setting of their environments, Ferrari Land offers up to 11 rides for different audiences, always focusing on the world of the motor:

Rides, one by one:

Red Force: is the ride star Park and has the highest and fast vertical throttle in Europe. The ride, 880 meters of travel, reach an acceleration of 180 km/h in just 5 seconds, with a maximum height of 112 meters. The Red Force, symbol of the Park, with the characteristic coat of arms of the "Cavallino Rampante" signature on the front of the accelerator, try to simulate the speed of F1 cars.

Thrill Towers - free fall Tower: this is another ride for the lovers of adrenalin, that has a fall of 55 meters height. One of the highlights of the Thrill Towers, formed by two towers, the free fall Tower and the Tower of rebound, is that its construction simulates the pistons of an engine.

Thrill Towers - Tower of rebound: another tower that completes this set. Consists in performs a bidirectional displacement throwing its occupants skyward and toward the floor, in a bouncing motion. The up and down movement simulates an engine piston gear.

Maranello Grand Race: this ride is highly recommended for families and it's competing in a 570 metres of trail racing circuit. Note that it is not a strong ride and allows the participation of all the family.

Ferrari Land Gallery: more than an ride, the Ferrari Land Gallery shows an interactive journey through the history of the Italian team, where, in addition, three unique models of the firm are exposed. This space is located inside building Ferrari Land Experience formed by rides Flying Dreams and Racing Legends. If you want to take a pictures with any exposed vehicles you have to pay it.

Flying Dreams: as in the case of the interactive journey through the history of the brand, in the Ferrari Land Galery, Flying Dreams shows how the world is on a GT Ferrari.

Racing Legends: to complete Ferrari Experience, Racing Legends is another simulator of the experience of being on a F1, highlighting the veracity of his images and the noise of the motor race.

Kid's Podium: as the name suggests, is a children's ride of slides linked for the amusement of children in the family.

Junior Championship: as in the case of Maranello Grand Race, is also a ride in family. It is based on a driving game by a path with curves where the pilot, the child, is accompanied by several co-drivers, leads the rest of the family.

Finally, there are two rides rather than complete Ferrari Land Park, Pit Stop Record and the Pole Position Challenge. These two rides are subject to payment apart from the entrance:
  • Pit Stop Record: consists in becoming, for a while, a mechanic's pit lane of Formula 1. For a few minutes the participants may remove the wheels of a racing car and change them competing with the rival team to have a better time. The additional cost of this ride is 3 euros.
  • Pole Position Challenge: this ride is also paid apart from the cost of the ticket. The price is 25 euros per person and it's experience through 8 simulators, such as driving a car at the speed of an F1 driver. The ride lasts 30 minutes, 15 minutes are about the history of Ferrari in this competition and the rest for the simulation.
As in the case of Port Aventura, Ferrari Land also boasts two touring shows, as part of entertainment that the visitor will find in this theme park.

  • Italian folklore and dance: using traditional Italian music, a band and dancers perform choreography to stage the Italian folklore that stands out for their dresses. Location: Square Modena to see “Dancing in Ferrari Land” and in the Piazza Italia to see "Italian Folklore”.
  • Acrobatic Show: an exhibition of 15 minutes of ingenious stunts, BMX display, dancers, artistic gymnastics, acrobatic basketball and jumps.
Aside from the rides and shows, it is essential to have a varied cuisine to enjoy the stay in this theme park. Therefore, Ferrari Land has seven restaurants of all kinds to choose from Italian traditional food, fast food, beverages, snacks and ice cream.

  • Ristorante Cavallino: Italian traditional food restaurant. Location: Piazza Italia. Opening hours: 12:30 am to 4 pm.
  • Paddock: snacks and beverages to carry. Location: Via Floriano. Opening hours: 12:30 am to 4 pm.
  • Stop & Go: point of food and rest. Drinks and snacks. Location: Via Maranello. Opening hours: from 10 am until the closure of the park.
  • Ice Cream Box: Italian ice cream to take away. Location: Piazza Italia. Opening hours: from 10 am until closing.
  • Pit Lane: quality fast food restaurant. Location: Piazza Maranello.
  • Fast Lap: hot dogs and hot sandwiches. Location: Champions Arena. Opening hours: from 10 am until closing.
  • Finish Lane: sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks. Location: Champions Arena. Opening hours: from 10 am until closing.

Finally, in Ferrari Land, as in any amusement park and taking into account that represents a prestigious brand known worldwide, could not miss the service of souvenir. As in the case of Port Aventura, you can also buy photographs or illustrating postcards of the rides which the visitor has gone up.

The ticket price:

Before buying tickets, visitors have to take into account that with the ticket has access, at a minimum, two parks. Nevertheless, in high season, you can only access to Ferrari Land on morning or afternoon in order to avoid crowds.
  • Price 1 day: Ferrari Land + PortAventura Park. Adult (11-59 years) - 60€ / Junior or Senior (from 4 to10 years old and older than 60) - 52€ / Disabled (accredited 33% minimum) - 30€, only at the box office.
  • Price 2 days: Ferrari Land + PortAventura Park. Adult - 70€ / Junior and Senior - 59€ / Disabled - 35€ (box office).
  • Price 3 days: Ferrari Land + PortAventura Park + Caribbean Aquatic Park. Adult - 95€; Junior and Senior - 77€ / Disabled - 47€ (box office).
  • Price of 4 day: Ferrari Land + PortAventura Park + Caribbean Aquatic Park. Adult - 109 €; Junior and Senior - 94€ / Disabled - 55€ (box office).
To purchase tickets on the web, enter the following link.

Note to combine the three options of parks, Ferrari Land + PortAventura + Caribbean Aquatic Park, it is only available on summer season, between 27 May and until September 17. Caribbean Aquatic Park is closed during the rest of the year.

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