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Program of events of the next San Juan festivity in Salou

The fireworks are the protagonists of the night of San Juan

Salou. Costa Dorada. 11 June 2018. Salou begins to prepare the events to celebrate the festival of San Juan 2018 with a series of recreational activities that augur that the shortest night of the year is lived by the Salouenses with the passion that is already traditional. The activities will begin in the plaza of the Autonomous Communities at half past nine on the night of June 23 with the arrival of the Llama del Canigó (Flame of the Canigò), the lighting of the cauldron and the reading of the Message of Fire of San Juan, and they will finish with the festivals on the beach of Poniente-Espigón del Muelle and in the same square where the festive events begin.

This is the program of events of the night of June 23, 2018:

In the Plaza of the Autonomous Communities:

  •     9.30pm Arrival of the Flame of Canigó, (Flama del Canigò) lighting of the cauldron and reading of the Message of Fire of San Juan. The "pubillas" and the "hereus" of Salou will be in charge of going to look for the flame. Whoever wants to pick it up, I can do it in the same Plaza of the Autonomous Communities, where it will be deposited.
  •     Next, there will be a small sardanas with the Association Sardanista Contrapunto de Olas de Salou.
  •     22.30h Lighting of the 3 bonfires of San Juan and pyrotechnic show:
The 3 bonfires of San Juan are lit by the fire beasts and the festive elements of the municipality: La Morena and Xaloc, the Dance of Devils Damned and the Witches "Latem", and the "pubillas" and the "hereu". All of them will take the flame to the different bonfires.

  •     In the Levante Beach (height c. Virgen del Pilar), the bonfire will be lit by the Morena and the Xaloc de Salou.
  •      In the Levante Beach (height pl. Of the Autonomous Communities), the bonfire will be lit by the "pubillas" and the "hereu" of Salou.
  •     On the Poniente-Espigón del Muelle Beach, the bonfire will be lit by the Ball of Diables Maleïts and the Witches "Latemó" from Salou.


  •     After 23 h · In the pl. of the Autonomous Communities
  •     Great Verbena popular with the orchestra "La Fania".
  •     From 23 h · On the Playa de Poniente-Espigón del Muelle
  •     Young Verbena in charge of the Youth Council

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