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The Camí de Ronda will be finished by Easter 2023

walking on the Camí de Ronda

Salou. Costa Dorada. 11 November 2022.
Salou will complete the entire Camí de Ronda before the next tourist season begins

The Trail de Camí de Ronda  runs completely along the coast of Salou will be completed before the beginning of the next tourist season, this is for Easter 2023, if the deadlines announced by the Salouenc city council are met in relation to the various projects that will culminate this route between the municipality of Cambrils and to the Racó de Salou, next to the beach of La Pineda, in Vilaseca.

Some of the actions on the last tranche of the Trail of Camí de Ronda  are still pending will begin this November and consist of the adequacy of access to the Llarga beach area; the improvement of accessibility, equipment and signalling from Punta del Cavall, to Cala Crancs; the adequacy of the path from the Mollet del Far, to the Mirador del Far (Parc de les Ànimes); and the improvement of the Talaia environment and access to the Cala del Reguerot.

These actions, awarded for an amount of 790.000€ represent the culmination of the adequacy work carried out and funded by the city council, with the development of the ”environmental recovery project of the coast of Cap de Salou and the construction of the Camí de Ronda”.

In addition to these actions by the city council, the Ministry for the Tramsición Ecológica has to perform two more actions to continue the route: that of the pass through the Penya Tallada; and the wooden gateway that will communicate the Cala Morisca need with the Mollet del Far. Once the ministry has executed these two connections, the route of Camí de Ronda from Cambrils to Racó de Salou, next to La Pineda, will be fully communicated.

Another of the actions that will take place this winter is the opening of the pass that will connect the two most important beaches of the municipality, the beach of Llevant and the beach of Ponent. In this regard, it is planned to open the way to people inside the Port Esportiu de Salou, so that the Espigó del Moll is connected to the beach of Ponent, where the Nautical Base is located.

Punta del Cavall

As for the performance at the Punta del Cavall, it is a matter of improving accessibility and the footpath that runs from the Cala de la Vinya, to the arrival at the Cases Blanques in Cala Crancs. Signaling and accompanying material will have the greatest respect for the natural environment, combined with the replanting of native species.

Mollet del Far

From Cala Morisca to the Mollet del Far there is a need to build a small stretch of wood gateway that is to be executed by the Ministry for the Transición Ecológica and the Reto Demografico.

What the Salouan Consistori will do is the adequacy of the path from the Mollet del Far to the Mirador del Far, in the area of theparc de les Ànimes. This trail will be naturalized again with native vegetation and some sunlights will be installed there. In addition, accesses and equipment will be improved, and vegetation will be renewed to recover the littoral machia.

On Port Authority grounds

While the stretch through these port areas is enabled and open to the pass, there is a pending action to be taken by the Ministry, with a budget of EUR 500 000, approved in the State budget.

It is the adequacy of the Camí de Ronda  from the Mirador del Far to the Racó de Salou, with a project drawn up by the city council.

The mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, has noted that "we are on the final straight to finally complete the Camí de Ronda and make it fully accessible to people, before the start of the next season". The completion of the Camí de  Ronda, a project that the Salou City Council has prioritized and worked on for years, will mean fulfilling the objective of recovering and preserving the natural and landscape heritage of Cap  Salou, and that of being able to promote this space as a tourist product that will help to de-rationalise and de-concentrate the destination.

The Camí de Ronda Salouenc  is a space with a high level of use by all types of users, whether to walk, walk and practice sport, take photographs, or as a meeting place and relationship that attracts thousands of people who daily redirect this littoral space that has been recovered while preserving as much origin and environmental conditions as possible.

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