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Salou increases the rubbish collection service during the summer

Image of garbage collection in Salou

Salou. Costa Dorada. 12 June 2019.
The Town Hall of Salou has increased the means of road cleaning, cleaning of beaches and waste collection, taking into account the increase in waste that occurs during the summer months, more specifically between June and September.
Apart from summer reinforcement, the city council has also recently approved a modification of the concession to improve the service of selective collection of urban waste and its transport, as well as the increase in frequencies in road cleaning.
This extension of the service also coincides with the beginning of the campaign to promote the recycling of glass in the hostel sector of the municipality, and of the educational campaign by the City Council, which is taking place in recent years, in order to raise awareness Citizens of the importance of civic actions and to use the services they have at their disposal, such as selective collection and the service of the waste collection service, among others.
Services during the summer
The Salou Council also recalls the importance of using collection services that are available to citizens, such as the collection of bulky and the collection of paper and cardboard.
On the one hand, the volume collection service, which during the summer is available from monday to saturday, must be specified in advance by means of the form of the Salou net website or by calling 900 101 613.
On the other hand, we find the service for the collection of paper and cardboard, which from June to September is daily. In order to benefit from the service, you must adhere to the interested establishment through the form of the web page Salou cleaner.
It should also be remembered that the Salou City Council will sanction those incitious actions with fines of between 100 and 400 euros. Some sanctionable behaviors, included in the Ordinance of Civic and Coexistence, are: throwing, throwing or fouling the road with waste or any object that makes it embrute; throwing and / or depositing trash in public places or outside the containers and wastepaper bins; transfer to the containers any type of construction materials or scrap; and use selective collection bins of paper and cardboard on the part of the commercial establishments and / or not leave the cardboard well folded, stacked, frilled, bonded or with adhesive tape in front of or inside the establishment. Other behaviors such as graffiti, graffiti, etc. will also be penalized.

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